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About Us

Starting in 2003, we entered the industry as a primary force in document processes in the medical and legal arena.

  • Created the first all paperless and office-less attorney practice
  • Developed a state sanctioned CEU program for medical reporting
  • Brought cost savings to medical practices in California

Since our beginnings we found more solutions and services we could bring to our clients. With that, we developed transcription services for efficiency and cost savings. We also created more effective medical record review, again to bring cost savings and efficiencies. As we evolved, we have a wide variety of document specialty services that provide quality and efficiencies to all types of businesses.

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Here are the strengths we bring to all business

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  • 01 Document Imaging - Paperless Solutions

    Our founder created one of the first, all paperless legal offices for a defense attorney. This included paperless report transmittals as well as a no-office required practice. No paper, no rent.

  • Transcription and Medical Record Review are Med-Legal services. System451 has been providing HIPAA secure services to physicians and attorneys since 2003. Our founder produced CEU courses in report writing which gave us the foundation of accuracy in our services.

  • Our staff have such advanced document skills which translate into data entry abilities. These are then offered to clients who want a back office, and outsourced solution with costs that grow or shrink depending on business flows. s


What our clients receive

We most often reach 100% satisfaction but there is always something new to learn and thus increase our efforts to achieve higher goals.


Specialty Services

We perform a wide variety of related services shown below. If you don't see it here and you need something related to the document management or paperless world, drop us a line.

Document Restoration

We can clean, repair and enhance digitized versions of aged documents

Electronic Record Systems

We integrate with DMS systems such as SharePoint, eFile, to name a few.

Minimal DIY Systems

Let us guide you to low cost, easy systems for small or working at home offices

Old School Digitizing

Do you have audio cassettes, vhs tapes, CD/DVD's? We do that too.

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Use our free online texting program with the button to the right. You can always email us or use our contact form below, but sometimes, you may have an urgency.


Here is some of our work. Also some pictures of us working or hanging with clients.

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Yes, we work as a team. Each individual brings their own skills and abilities. And we work as a team to get the best job done for our clients.

Alan Sims

Founder & President

A lucky guy to have such a wonderful team.

David LoPresti

Executive VP

An unequaled professional in sales and document management

Eddie Edora

Scanning Manager

Leads the team in scanning, processing as well as logistics

Gen Vega

Lead Scanner

Experienced in all phases of digital imaging and data management

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about document management? Every industry has its own jargon, abbreviations, acronyms, etc. Here are some common questions and answers.

  • What is digital imaging?

    Digital imaging is the process of capturing paper documents and converting them to a digital format with a document scanner. Document scanning is also commonly referred to as document conversion or document imaging.

  • The actual action of scanning a document is easy. It's the preparation of documents that takes time and can cause issues and delays. For example, staple removal is tedious, can cause damage to paper and snag the scanner operation. Rips and tears need fixing as does tape and sticky notes, to name a few issues.

  • We use professional grade high speed scanners. We have dependable equipmet with advanced software. We have wide scanners for blueprints and posters. We have photo scanners for print output. We use lint free gloves, microfiber cleaning pads and careful handling of historical and aged documents. We also ensure that the correct type of equipment is used to capture aged and brittle documents.

  • Transcription services convert dictated audio of medical, legal and other business into a formal report in a formatted MS Word report. Medical record review provides a chronological written account of a patient's past medical history and complaints, physician's physical findings, the results of diagnostic tests and procedures, and medications and therapeutic procedures. Thus converting a 400 page batch of records into 15 pages of pertinent information. This, then provides a medical or legal professional vast time savings and accelerates information transfer.

  • Of course you can. The problem is that its hard to take your time or a staff's time to get all the past documents scanned. And don't forget paper will still come in and you will need to maintain a regular schedule of scanning to digital. We take all those burdens off of your todo list and do it for you seemlessly.


Please contact us with any questions. We do not charge just to brainstorm or discuss your needs. Even if you want to do it yourself, get our perspective. We are easy to deal with and enjoy helping.


964 E. Badillo Street, Covina, CA 91724


+1 310-986-3999

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