Here is some of our work. Also some pictures of us working or hanging with clients.

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list of services



photos of some of our work

LB Medical Group


more photos of data entry operators typing on a keyboard


Data Entry

we use most sizes of scanners that can scan wide and oversize documents

Wide Scanning

Blueprints Maps

photo of our founder, Alan, visiting one of our clients, Jollibee and as he is a joking kind of guy, he had to have a portrait of he and their mascot


Fun with Client

barcodes, qr codes, rfid tags and nfc tags are used by System451 for extra easy file and document search needs

QR & Bar Codes

NFC Tags too

sample of original program from 1984 olympics that is yellowed and time damaged. Then we show a restored version of it after completion that brings it back to life like it was new.



audio cassettes are converted to digital and samples of audio cassettes are shown.

Cassette Conversion

VHS too

logo of the city of los angeles listed as a client of system451

City of LA