Project information

  • Category: Record Review
  • Client: Orthopedic Group
  • Project date: 01 March, 2017
  • Project Details:  48 hour turnaround weekly.

Medical Record Review Services

Data drives every organization. System451 provides digital imaging services.  This gives you digital files that contain the information you need to make essential decisions.

Scanning documents to a digital format creates valuable room for other assets or lets you use less space. Whether it’s bulk scanning services or smaller projects, finding the right solution and getting everything done can take a lot of time and resources. The less time spent searching equals more time for pushing business innovation boundaries.

These files are valuable if they are timely, accurate and accessible. We transform your paper documents into digital images such as TIF, JPG or searchable PDF. We use only the best document scanners that ensure consistent image production without damaging your sensitive documents,

System451 transforms millions of documents every year.  We offer all types of services, covering old files, continuation of ongoing receipt of paper, and upload data entry services to keep you up to date. We have paperless sustaining programs, backfile scanning, and day forward solutions for handling the daily receipt of mail. We have a range of equipment and personnel to handle all of your paper scanning.

File Naming: Data entry, indexing or metadata creation all follow the same quality process which is identifying critical data elements and converting them into usable digital files. System451 takes your documents and transform them into accurate digital files.

OCR, restoration, large scale, blueprints, maps are all part of our variety of services   We also provide digitla storage/backup options, domestic or off-shore data entry and keying. Your documents are handled by our qualified and experienced project managers.

Medical Record Review Costs

Returning data is tailored to your needs.

  • System451 Secure Cloud Server - Vault451
  • Data export to your system(s)
  • External SSD Hard Drive
  • USB Thumb Drive
  • DVD/CD

We utilize your preferred method for the smoothest transport of your data. We are able to leap into future technology as well as being comfortable with older technology.

System451 transforms millions of documents every year. Backfile scanning, paperless maintenance programs, day forward initiatives or handling the daily receipt of paper or mail, we have a range of equipment and personnel to handle all of your paper scanning.