What Document Scanner Should I Choose

Learn the basics about document scanners. There are many types and brands of scanners How do you choose? Document Scanners Desktop These are smaller, desktop scanning units that fit easily on your desktop. Mobile These are app that you can install on your mobile phone that can scan documents using your mobile phone camera. Stand Up Unit These are larger […]

10 Step Redaction Guide

Pursuant to Section ECF-9 of the Administrative Order Regarding Electronic Case Filing, unless the court orders otherwise, parties must refrain from including or must redact the following personal data identifiers from documents filed with the court to the extent required by FRAP 25(a)(5): < Social Security numbers. If an individual’s Social Security number must be included, use the last four […]

What is Redaction

What is Document Redaction? Document Redaction is the process of blacking out or removing any sensitive information from a document so it can be used and distributed, but still protect confidential information too. Common in court documents and within the government, redaction hides or removes (confidential parts of a text) before publication or distribution, or to examine (a text) for this purpose.   […]

9 More Details for Scanning Documents

9 Document Scanning Tip Details There are a few things you can do to make scanning easier for yourself. These tips will make scanning your paper documents more successful. Remove Staples and Paper Clips If you’re using the ADF (automatic document feeder), your document will run through the paper-path. Remove any metal before scanning. Staples or paper clips coming loose […]

How to Scan a Document

Top 3 Steps in Document Scanning Scanning Documents If you have a massive collection of documents, invoices, personnel records, tax documents and piles and piles of stuff that you just can’t organize easily any more. This is where document scanning can help you!It will eliminate the clutter, give you access to all your records, and increase productivity!  If you’ve done all […]