What is Medical Record Review?

System451 Medical Record Review includes full review of medical, non-medical, legal and other relevant documentation. Our services comply with your specific reporting requirements. All clients fill out a Protocol Sheet which documents your specifics, including format and style. Our goal is to output reports that provide the vital medical details of each case.


  • Organization and Indexing: Medical records can be organized chronologically, or categorized into hospital records, X-rays, labs, physicians’ notes, surgery records and so on, or sorted by provider or date of service, according to your preference.
  • Hyperlinks & Bookmark Navigation: At your request, we can embed hyperlinks and bookmarks in the medical records and summaries providing ease in navigation.
  • Chronological Sorting: We include a chronology of medical encounters from the earliest report to the latest report, ascending or descending, providing you an organized view of the sequence of medical events of the case.
  • Medical Report Review: Each medical record review includes detailed information regarding the description of the history and nature of injury/condition. We then typically included standard SOAP categories as well as diagnostic testing and operative reports. We are definitely focused on forensic issues such as MMI, Disability Factors, Apportionment, Permanent & Stationary, Future Medical, et. al. We tailor each client’s reports to their specialty and unique needs.
  • Tailored Report Styles: Medical Review Reports can be provided in the format of your choice. Or use our tried and true standard reporting styles which can be easily copy/pasted into your medical report.