If a physician or attorney chooses to do their own medical record review in-house, then they are increasing their expenses significantly versus outsourcing it to a qualified company.

If you consider the in-house expenses and costs, it includes the physician’s time, staff time, and clerical activities surrounding the event. ¬†Estimating the average fees of physician time and staff salaries, the expenses can reach up to 70% of the reimbursement the physician will eventually receive.

If a physician or attorney outsources the medical-record-review, then the costs and expenses will be capped at an average fee that will float around 30-25% of the reimbursement.

Plus, there are soft benefits that are included, like, no absences or delays in getting the record reviews completed, no sick days to impede the process, less questions and distractions from the record reviewers and less stress involved in the entire medical record review process.